Seventh-day Adventist Sabbath School Lesson

The Work of the Holy Spirit

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The Papal Sun Day

Supported by the Heathen in America

And Congress?

Pope Calls for Sunday Rest

After the Vatican has called for national Sunday laws, the pope now calls it "freedom" to rest on the sun day.

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Nature Testifies of God

Upon all created things is seen the impress of the Deity

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Christ says, "I am He that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive forevermore, . . . and have the keys of hell and of death."     Revelation 1:18.

Looking upon His disciples with divine love and with the tenderest sympathy, Christ said, "Now is the Son of man glorified, and God is glorified in Him." Judas had left the upper chamber, and Christ was alone with the eleven.

Justification by Faith

Signs of the Times

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Jesus said "Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars....For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places."



Christian History

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In the great final conflict, Satan will employ the same policy, manifest the same spirit, and work for the same end as in all preceding ages. That which has been, will be. Satan's deceptions will be more subtle. If possible, even the very elect would be deceived.

A Faithful Record

Nature God's Second Book

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Nature is an open book which reveals God. All who are attracted to nature may behold in it the God that created them.

Book of Nature


Brazil Allows High School Exam on Sunday

A public vote held by the Ministry of Education of Brazil that resulted in changes to the National High School Exam (Enem) is a victory, not only for Sabbath keepers, but also for religious liberty.

Minister of State Mendonça Filho shared on March 9 that of the more than 600,000 people who participated in the national vote, 64 percent favored holding the Enem on two consecutive Sundays instead of a Saturday and Sunday, marking the official change of the exam’s schedule effective immediately. 

Every year it is estimated that more than 70,000 students request an alternative time to take the Enem. 

Those who set aside Saturday for religious activities and community service have felt discriminated against since the exam was created. In the past, Sabbath-keepers arrived at the exam’s location on Saturdays and sat in an isolated room until after the Sabbath ended, which was when they would begin their test. 

“I think that a young person who sees himself in front of this exam, which is already exhausting, from the effort every young person does, and even more, having to be confined for 4 hours, is in a disadvantage in relation to everyone else”, said Filho.  He went on to say, “We need to promote this exam, but treating everyone with dignity, respecting human rights and, providing equal ideals and conditions to evaluate it.” 

Freedom of Thought Principle

Recently, individuals in Brazil have fought to have their rights respected when faced with situations that involve freedom of thought and worship. By changing the Enem testing day, the Brazilian government showed it is interested in understanding the reality of thousands of people who not only see Saturday as the Sabbath, but as an opportunity to obey a divine commandment.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Brazil praised the efforts of the Ministry of Education and Brazilians who participated in the vote for respecting the faith of Sabbath observers.

“Sabbath-keepers, especially Seventh-day Adventists, are not seeking more privileges than other candidates,” said Erton Köhler, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in South America. “Quite the opposite, they desire to have the same opportunity when it comes to such an important program that can not only guarantee, but define the professional future of thousands of people.” 

“The results of the public poll makes this reality equal to everyone. And I take this opportunity to thank all Seventh-day Adventists that voted and did something to make this a reality,” said Köhler.

The Seventh-day Adventist World Church is made up of more than 20 million members in more than 200 countries, 1.6 million of which live in Brazil alone.



AWR Leads to Romanian Baptism



      AWR president Duane McKey, wife Kathy (center) Ilie (left) wife, Lydia (right).        [Photo courtesy of Duane McKey]


Change was in the air in 1989. The Cold War ended. The Berlin Wall came down. Romania’s communist government was overthrown. Ilie and his wife, Lydia, felt free for the first time in their lives.

Ilie embarked on a search for answers about God and the state of the dead, questions that had been burning in his heart for years. He obtained his first Bible and began to attend an evangelical church in Pitesti, a city of about 165,000 people located 75 miles (120 kilometers) west of Romania’s capital, Bucharest. 

After a few years, Ilie and Lydia discovered to their surprise that Jesus had been baptized by immersion in the Jordan River. Ilie immediately asked his church family to baptize him like Jesus. He was told that he had been sprinkled as a baby and that was enough.  

Devastated, Ilie intensified his reading of the Bible. He befriended Christians from another evangelical denomination who gladly baptized him and his wife by immersion. Ilie threw himself into his new-found faith. He even led construction of a new church building and became one of the church’s evangelists.

But Ilie’s Bible studies weren’t finished. 

Four years ago, Ilie was working for the railroad, switching tracks as trains rolled through a railroad yard, when he noticed that a coworker listened to the radio from a cellphone app. Ilie decided to do the same and quickly became engrossed with programs about prophecy and end-time events on Adventist World Radio (AWR). He read his Bible like never before and discovered to his shock that he was worshipping on the wrong day of the week. He told his Christian friends about what he had found and showed them texts in the Bible. But they grew angry and refused to listen. 

Ilie told me that he was puzzled about what to do next. He had never met a Seventh-day Adventist and thought that he was alone in his search for a church that observed the biblical, seventh-day Sabbath. He searched and searched and finally found an Adventist church not far from his home. He visited the Pitesti Seventh-day Adventist Church for the first time in 2015. 

Lydia cried and cried. She loved her friends at their Sunday church and refused to go with her husband. But Ilie refused to relent, and he worshipped at the Adventist church with their two teenage daughters every Sabbath.  

The Pitesti church pastor, Ovidiu Baluta, was surprised at how much Ilie knew about the Bible. When Ilie declared that he was ready to become a Seventh-day Adventist, the pastor replied, “You must study first so you understand clearly what Seventh-day Adventists believe.”  

“Ask me anything you want,” Ilie said. 

So, the pastor did.

“Ilie knew it all!” the pastor told me. 

After a few weeks, Lydia agreed to study the Bible with her husband. Soon she grew excited about what they were discovering together. Actually the information echoed what Ilie had been sharing with her as he listened to AWR at work for the past two years. 

After a while, Ilie, Lydia, and their eldest daughter were baptized. The younger daughter kept attending church with them but struggled over baptism. However, she accepted the Advent message during evangelistic meetings at the Pitesti church, one of hundreds of sites where Total Member Involvement evangelistic meetings were held across Romania in February 2017. She was baptized just a few days ago.

This is the power of AWR-360, as we are rebranding Adventist World Radio. AWR-360 is not just about radio broadcasts. It’s about the entire cycle — “from broadcast to baptism.” Ilie’s story, like the stories of many listeners of AWR’s broadcasts and podcasts, follows this same cycle from broadcast to baptism.

Today, Ilie loves AWR and encourages others to listen to its programs, which are aired daily on buses, in taxis, and in many stores in Pitesti and other Romanian cities, including Bucharest. Ten to 15 people visit the Pitesti church every week after hearing about the Sabbath or Jesus on AWR, Pastor Baluta said.

Seeing Ilie’s enthusiasm for AWR, my wife, Kathy, asked Lydia how actively her husband promotes AWR to the townspeople of Pitesti. 

Lydia rolled her eyes and smiled. “He can’t keep his mouth shut,” she said.

Papua New Guinea School

                                                                                                                                                                                                      photo: Operation Food for Life

Leaders of an independent Adventist ministry are celebrating the opening of a school that will cater to a remote village in Papua New Guinea. While serving villagers in Kivori-Poi, workers of "Operation Food for Life" or (O-F-F-L) noticed the village's lack of direct access to education for school- aged children.

The village of approximately 6,000 families is only accessible by helicopter or a four-wheeler, making it difficult for children to travel to another village or city to go to school. Now, the brand-new school with its 2 Seventh-day Adventist teachers are teaching lessons to 120 students free of charge.

Kivori-Poi's chief praised O-F-F-L for the school, saying it is the fulfillment of a long-held dream for the village to have a place for its children to receive education. The president of O-F-F-L , Dennis Perry, said, "During this year, OFFL will build a permanent two classroom facility with an additional first aid room to serve the school and the community. We want to give all the praise to Jesus for His leading guidance and blessings during the planning and completion of the temporary school."




Desmond Doss Testimony Film



                                                                          Photo: Hacksaw Ridge Resources

The testimony of Desmond Doss was made into a movie, Hacksaw Ridge. The movie was recognized by the world and nominated for a couple of awards, one which was for the best picture. God is bringing His church into a more visible place in the world.

There are a couple of Seventh-day Adventists serving in politics at the national level, Ben Carson was a candidate for president of the United States and is now serving in the Trump Administration as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Barry Black is the chaplain for the United States Senate. Both were keynote speakers at the national prayer breakfast last year and this year.

Jesus is coming soon! Prophecies are fast fulfilling. Let us hasten His soon coming!




Global Seventh-day Adventist Education Success

Rwanda hosts the first of several regional events planned around the world

                    Church leaders and educators--Kigali, Rwanda

What do you do when a training event you recently offered gets very positive feedback? Judging by the Education Department of the General Conference in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States, you recharge and do it again, this time even better and in a global setting.

On February 15-19, 2017,  239 Seventh-day Adventist educators from across the African continent and adjacent Indian Ocean islands met in Kigali, Rwanda for the first of four planned worldwide regional conferences on Seventh-day Adventist Education. The participants, who came from the three regions—or divisions—of the world church in Africa, represent 45 percent of the 8,208 Seventh-day Adventist schools around the world, 39 percent of its 102,779 teachers, and 52 percent of its nearly 2 million students.

The event marked the first phase of the implementation of a decision made at the well-received Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Conference on Seventh-day Adventist Education at the world church headquarters last October. At that conference, hosted during Annual Council 2016—a major annual business meeting of the world church—i t was agreed to extend the same kind of training and discussion then offered to the members of the Executive Board of the world church to other church educational leaders and educators on the ground and around the world.

“Annual Council 2016 voted to authorize the Education Department, in collaboration with the various world divisions—or regions—to develop a guiding philosophy and a worldwide, regionally responsive plan for Seventh-day Adventist education,” said Lisa Beardsley-Hardy, education director of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, when explaining the rationale for these regional events.

The topics mentioned in the objectives discussed include establishing measurable goals to increase the number of schools and Adventist students, increasing retention and academic excellence, developing educational resources for alternative models of education, and identifying innovations which may serve to enhance the affordability and sustainability of Seventh-day Adventist schools.

Similar conferences are planned for other regions in the next few months, as the Education Department tries to cover every major division, or region, of the world church.

“At these conferences, participants will formulate educational plans that incorporate local, national and regional priorities and objectives,”  said Beardsley. “It is also expected that they make recommendations to Annual Council in October 2017 on how to achieve higher visibility for education globally”.

Besides small group discussions and plenary sessions, participants of the Rwanda conference enjoyed devotional messages by church leaders, moments of worship on Friday evening and Saturday, and even a visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center on Saturday afternoon.

Most participants were not shy at expressing their appreciation for the event.

“The conference provided me with many ideas to enhance my leadership,” said one of the participants. “I would like this conference to take place more often, and to consider including school board chairs, […] treasurers, and even pastors. ”

Next LEAD regional conference is slated to take place from May 30-June 4 in Slovenia.




Romania Evangelism Success

Romania’s evangelistic meetings likened to growing snowball


                                                          Floresti,  Romania                                                                                             [Ted Wilson / Facebook]

Unexpectedly large crowds are flocking to Seventh-day Adventist evangelistic meetings in Romania and Ukraine despite hurdles such as armed conflict, national rallies, and a shouting priest.

The Total Member Involvement (TMI) evangelistic meetings, many led by lay people, are being held in eight countries this month and next as part of a major evangelistic endeavor that church leaders hope will spread across Europe. 

The first wave of two-week meetings will wrap up at 500 sites in Ukraine this weekend, while more than 1,300 sites in Romania will be entering their second week. Meetings also are being held at hundreds of sites in Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, and Russia. In all, meetings are to take place at more than 4,300 sites. 

Adventist Church president Ted N.C. Wilson, who is leading meetings in Floresti near Romania’s capital, Bucharest, said he is thrilled with the high attendance in the predominantly Orthodox country.

“One conference leader said, ‘This is like a snowball, and it’s getting bigger and bigger,’” Wilson said after participating in a video conference call with Romanian church leaders. “There seems to be a very positive emphasis all around the union.”

He said he was especially excited that lay people are leading meetings at hundreds of sites.

“This is what TMI is all about,” he said.

TMI is a world church initiative that encourages every church member to share the gospel in their communities.

Among the Romanian speakers are two 12-year-old children, Wilson said.

Several Romanian pastors acknowledged in interviews that they had worried that nightly attendance would be low if meetings were held on weekdays. But sites across Romania have reported a strong turnout, including many guests.

“We were told that no one would come during the week,” said Duane McKey, the world church’s TMI coordinator. “They said there would be one or two guests. But some nights this week have been the largest so far.”

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‘Model for All of Europe’

“Who would have ever thought that in one small country about the size of the Michigan Conference” — a church territory in the North American Division — “we would have over 2,000 evangelistic meetings,” McKey said. “Amazing! This is a model for all of Europe.”

Church leaders are paying special attention to how the meetings are being received in Romania, which has a highly secularized society like much of Europe. They view the country as a testing ground for expanding TMI meetings to the rest of the continent. 

Most Romanian meetings opened amid some of the largest anti-government rallies in the country’s history. But the street demonstrations, which peaked at 500,000 people and weakened as the meetings picked up steam, have not affected attendance negatively, church leaders said.

Neither did a village priest who tried to disrupt a meeting at a rural church, said Ștefan Tomoiagă, president of the Adventist Church’s Romanian Union.

The priest, aged about 30, stood outside the church until 20 minutes before the meeting ended, screaming and telling non-church members not to enter, Tomoiagă said.

“The priest stood at the church’s gate until around 6:40 p.m. in a sign that even then people remained outside who wanted to enter,” he said in an e-mail to church leaders. “I invite you to pray especially for this church.”

Attendance is also a robust 50 to 60 inmates a night in a Romanian prison where Bruce Parrish, a retired employee of the U.S. prison system, is leading meetings.

“The meetings are going well but it is hard because the prison will not let me use my laptop,” Parrish said. “We have to use their computers.”

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Preaching in East Ukraine

In Ukraine, presenters spoke about an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on their meetings.

May-Ellen Colón, a U.S. citizen who is leading four meetings daily, said attendance is strong at her four sites in eastern Ukraine, which has been mired in conflict for the past two years and experienced renewed violence as the meetings began.

“More than 200 visitors, plus church members and children, are attending the meetings consistently at the four sites where I am working,” said Colón, director of Adventist Community Services International and an ADRA liaison.

She said at least half of her attendees have been displaced by the conflict.

“Some have lost all, and many are struggling and destitute,” she said.

In central Ukraine, Tiago Leao, a recently baptized young man from Brazil, said he spends all day preparing his presentations for evening meetings in Uman, a town of 87,000 people.

“The response of the church is fantastic,” Leao said. “This is the most amazing experience of my life.”

He was echoed by Arturo Gutierrez, a Mexican national who is leading meetings in Chernivtsi, a western city of 255,000 people.

“Last night I made a call for people to give their lives to Christ and 13 non-Adventists stood up,” he said. “Please pray for them to keep their decisions.”

The two men shared their experiences with Ramon Canals, who is coordinating the Ukrainian meetings and works as associate director of the Adventist world church’s Sabbath School and Personal Ministries department. Canals forwarded their e-mails to Adventist Mission. 

“God is blessing His people all over this territory as the preachers stand up on the pulpits and preach the Word,” Canals said Thursday.

He said one of the Ukrainian sites has 140 guests nightly and 60 of them have already made decisions for baptism.

The evangelistic meetings, which started in Ukraine on Feb. 3 and are modeled after a major effort that resulted in 110,000 baptisms in Rwanda last year, are being held in waves across the eight European countries over the next few weeks. Another 500 meetings are planned for Ukraine after the first meetings conclude this weekend.

But church leaders said it was too early to estimate how many people would be baptized. In Romania, the first major baptisms are only expected in June so baptismal candidates will have sufficient time for Bible studies.




500 Evangelistic Meetings in Eastern Europe

Elder Ted Wilson and Euro-Asia Division president Michael Kaminskiy in Bucha, Ukraine    [Andrew McChesney / Adventist Mission]

Seventh-day Adventists from around the world descended on a Ukrainian college campus to finalize local plans for an enormous evangelistic endeavor that church leaders hope will spread across Europe.

On Friday evening, 500 evangelistic meetings will kick off in Ukraine, and hundreds more across the former Soviet Union, as part of Total Member Involvement (TMI), a world church initiative that encourages every church member to share the gospel in their communities.  

More than 2,000 meetings will begin a week later in Romania and elsewhere, followed by a third wave and a four wave of meetings across Eastern Europe.

In all, more than 4,300 sites will host evangelistic series in eight countries: Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine.

Adventist Church president Ted N.C. Wilson, speaking at an orientation meeting for evangelists in Ukraine on Thursday, expressed hope that “what God is going to do in Eastern Europe over the next six weeks will inspire a spiritual revival across … Europe.” 

“Eyes are upon you,” Wilson told a group of lay members, ministers, and church administrators gathered on the campus of the Ukrainian Adventist Center of Higher Education in Bucha, a town outside Ukraine’s capital, Kiev. “People are watching what God will do here because God wants to do this everywhere.” 

The evangelistic meetings are patterned after a combination of prayer, Bible study, community outreach, and preaching that resulted in a record 110,476 baptisms in Rwanda last year. But church leaders are not seeking a large number of baptisms at the conclusion of the East European meetings. In Romania, for example, guests will be invited to attend Bible studies and the first baptisms may only take place in June. In the former Soviet Union, a vast territory with only about 113,000 members, church leaders hope the evangelistic meetings will re-energize local churches.

New Friends, New Contacts

“This is a good opportunity to encourage people to get involved and to preach,” said Michael Kaminskiy, president  for the church in the church’s Euro-Asia region, whose territory covers much of the former Soviet Union. 

Reinvigorated members are needed because some churches in Ukraine, for instance, have not had a single baptism in the past year, he said. 

“The main goal of the evangelistic meetings,” Kaminskiy added, is not baptisms but “to help the church make new friends and new contacts.”

To that end, the Euro-Asia region will organize meetings at 2,150 sites, mostly in February and March but some as late as May, Kaminsky said. Of those meetings, 1,000 will be in Ukraine and another 700 in Moldova.

In addition, 2,017 meetings are planned for Romania in February, said Ștefan Tomoiagă, president of the Adventist Church in Romania. 

“We strongly believe that God is able to bless Romania abundantly,” he said in an e-mail to church leaders. “Let our prayers continue to be fervent and constant and our actions accordingly.”

Among those who will preach in Romania are Wilson and his wife, Nancy, who will have their own sites. Nancy Wilson, who also preached in Rwanda last year, will lead an evangelistic series at a predominantly Roma church in Romania’s capital, Bucharest.

“You don’t need to be an ordained minister or any kind of official to preach and share Jesus Christ,” Ted Wilson told the orientation meeting. Among those in attendance were 22 teams of lay evangelists from as far away as Mexico, Argentina, and the United States.

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Challenge of Western Europe

Wilson said in an interview that Adventists have been able to reach out to their communities in marvelous ways in Western Europe, but secular and materialistic challenges can be discouraging at times. He said he hoped that the TMI spirit showcased in Eastern Europe this year would spill over to Western Europe. 

“We thank God for the many wonderful things happening in Western Europe,” he said. “But the Lord wants to see a revival in Europe and all over the world. Perhaps these evangelistic meetings in Eastern Europe can help to create an extraordinary moment in which lay people become equally if not more involved than church workers in saying, ‘You know, we can do that, too.’”

Addressing the orientation meeting, Wilson pointed to a passage from Ellen White’s “Testimonies to the Church” Vol. 9 to emphasize that lay people will be key in spreading the gospel. The text reads, “The work of God in this earth can never be finished until the men and women comprising our church membership rally to the work and unite in their effort with those of ministers and church officers” (page 117).

“This is what we are seeing happening all over the world,” Wilson said. Attendees smiled appreciatively as Wilson switched to Russian and added, “Мы знаем, что скоро придёт Иисуса. Это факт. (We know that Jesus is coming soon. That’s a fact.)”




GC Leaders Continue Workiing With NAD

Seventh-day Adventist General Conference officers, Ted Wilson, G.T. Ng, and Juan Prestol-Puesan met with North American Division officers and union presidents yesterday to discuss the rebellion taking place in some unions that have violated the world church's position on not making women rulers over men.

The meeting is in response to a decision made by the General Conference at the Annual Council held last October to deal with what is being called "non-compliant church entities." These entities are conferences that are in rebellion against the world church and their own constitutions by ordaining women pastors, and in one case having made a woman a conference president. This growing rebellion has the support of the North American Division.

The Annual Council delegates voted a "redemptive plan" to bring the rebellious conferences into "reconciliation and adherence with voted actions and policies of the world church." This redemptive process has begun. The meeting held yesterday found common ground in that God would have His church unified. But, that unity is not seen in the same light by the rebellious conferences and the world church leaders.

The North American Division believes that the culture of Africa and the culture of North America and Europe must be allowed to dictate what course to follow in regards to the role of women in the church. Thus, unity is seen as allowing for culture to be involved in making exceptions to what Scripture reveals.

There has been accusations made by some in the rebellion that "kingly power" is being exercised at the General Conference level. But, General Conference president, Ted Wilson, points out that it is the conferences who are working contrary to the vote of the delegates representing churches from around the world who are exercising "kingly power."

                                                                                                  GC President Ted Wilson addressing Annual Council

“As president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, I am duty bound with a sacred responsibility, as are all other officers of every level of organizations throughout the church as is indicated in Working Policy, to follow what the world church has voted in session (whether I agree with it or not)....To go against this vote would be exercising kingly authority....What could be more of a ‘kingly authority’ action than to deliberately go against what has been voted by the worldwide representation of delegates from around the world at a General Conference Session? Three times this subject has been addressed in some form by a General Conference Session.”

If these meetings which are designed to be redemptive do not accomplish their purpose, then the General Conference will draft a second document to deal with the rebel conferences. One of the fruits seen in the life of those who love God supremely is the fruit of "love", love for our enemies. Another is "long-suffering".  Both are seen in the patient protracted process of dealing with a rebellion which began decades ago.

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Food For Life

But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.       2 Corinthians 3:18

Tell of His Grace

Testimonies of the power of grace to change lives......


I was born into a non Adventist home, well that is an understatement really. My father was and still is a heavily practicing Satanist and as such, myself being a female, made me a target for ridicule and I was most certainly placed way below my brothers in the family......Tamara's Testimony

Country Living

Mar10 Demo Image Too late to move?

Moving to the country is becoming very hard in some locations. Selling a home and financing a new one is difficult. Some government agencies want to move everyone into the cities. God's people need to take their families away from the cities, into the country, where they can raise their own provisions; for in the future the problem of buying and selling will be a very serious one. We should now begin to heed the instruction given us over and over again: Get out of the cities into rural districts, where the houses are not crowded closely together, and where you will be free from the interference of those who are opposed to the truth. Pray that God will open a way.

Religious Liberty

European Sunday Law?

The world will urge an outward compliance with the laws of the land, for the sake of peace and harmony. And there are some who will even urge such a course from the Scripture: "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. . . . The powers that be are ordained of God." But what has been the course of God's servants in ages past? When the disciples preached Christ and Him crucified, after His resurrection, the authorities commanded them not to speak any more nor to teach in the name of Jesus. "But Peter and John answered and said unto them, Whether it be right in the sight of God to hearken unto you more than unto God, judge ye. For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard." Today, our liberty is being threatened.

European Sunday Law

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