An Angel of the Lord


This is a story happened during the Korean war.  You decide yourself if this was an angel or not.

In order to understand the story let me give you a geography of Korea. She stands like a rabbit, and divided in half by 38 degree parallel.

My father was a first elder of a church. A first elder in Korea is like an pastor in the western countries, but   without salary having all the responsibility of running the church.  During the occupation of the South by the North Korean army, a church member came  to my father informing that the local communist government made an execution list of all SDAs in our town.  All our church members were in hiding during the war. My father went to see the chief who was a communist who was in charge of our town.  My father helped this man who was a dentist and was in and out of jail several times for being a communist before the war broke up, by providing him a rent free dental office space from a fellow church member property. So, my father thought it would a payback time by him.  My father went to this man's office to inquire about this "execution list".  The man denied existence of any kind of list.

During the height of war the entire South Korea was occupied by the North except a city located at the southmost part of the country called, Busan(Pusan).  Then, Gen. McCarther invaded Inchun, a port city located near the 38 parallel about 45 miles west of Seoul, capital city where we lived.

We could hear the sounds of big guns approaching near our house, nearer and nearer.

Then, all over sudden one day people in our section of town got very excited about a lone American tank appeared on the railroad track near our house.  I peaked out of a window and saw the tank.  A handsome looking very fair skinned American soldier  stood up on the tank and was looking through his binocular and went back inside the tank.  Then, he continued toward west.  Right after this instance the town was emptied by all the North Korean occupiers.  Some SDAs went to the town hall to discover the execution list. Our family was to be executed on Sept. 28. and this tank appeared on Sept. 25. Why the date of 28th? They calculated that the speed of American soldiers approaching our section of town would be the 28th of Sept, and they will execute the SDAs according this time table.

The most unusual thing about this tank is that where did this came from?  As I said entire country was occupied the enemy soldiers and the railroad track runs easts to west. For a tank to come to our house(east) from Inchun(west) is impossible without being hit by the enemy fire never mind being a lone tank.  How did this tank cross the river which was still occupied by the enemy.

After so many years gone by, my memory about this tank and the extremely fair skinned soldier is still fresh in my mind and wells my eyes. Not only that he face appeared so gentle and kind. If this tank did not show up on that day I would not be writing this story, today!

Food For Life

But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.       2 Corinthians 3:18

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