Tamara's Testimony

Hello!  I am Tamara. It is a really difficult thing thought to isolate just one thing or a few things that God has done for you. Just the fact that you exist, that you have enough to eat, somewhere safe to sleep, medical care and a clean water is a huge blessing. But He always gives you more than you ever thought you could ever need.

Well a little about my story, I won't bore you all with all of it in its entirety. But...

I was born into a non Adventist home, well that is an understatement really. My father was and still is a heavily practicing Satanist and as such myself being a female made me a target for ridicule and I was most certainly placed way below my brothers in the family, I am one of seven by the way, two girls five boys. I was raised by my father purely to be a breeder and to look after him in his old age, my younger sister was and still is far too strong willed for that. Most of my siblings are steps or halves but I love them so dearly that I very rarely, unless for the sake of clarification, actually call them anything else but brothers and sisters.

My parents eventually split up and we moved up the coast closer to family, with that little bit of extra security one of my brothers and I flourished, the rest live with my father or have since moved out due to their ages! But I still carried a lot with me from my father, I grew up with the mentality that I was just a stupid girl who was completely useless. This was very much confirmed to me in my results at school. By early high school I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome which had turned cancerous. I received radiation therapy and had multiple operations and was told I would never have children.

This idea hit me hard and I became very depressed, I felt like my whole world was crumbling. In fact, I tried to commit suicide three times, the ways I tried this are not important really but I will carry all of it with my forever.

My mother finally realised after my third attempted at how serious everything really was and got me some amazing medical help, it came out that part of the fixable part of the problem was my grades and I was eventually enrolled in an after school tuition program called Kumon and that is where God really stepped in.

The owner of this tuition centre is Kerrie, a woman you will all here much about as time goes on. She took me under her wing and showed me that I do have worth and I have intelligence. She has never once made me feel inferior or stupid. She was the first person to ever do this for me. Well I was going to see her on a regular basis for almost year when my mother made the 'mistake' of making fun of people with faith. Well this set Kerrie off and she ended up inviting me to attend the Friday night program that she ran for the youth in the very hall she worked from! She is an SDA and I agreed, partly to prove my mother wrong and partly because of was curious, I knew how bad the other side was and I wanted to know what the other was like!

After about six months of attending the Friday night group I had developed an even stronger relationship with Kerrie and my idea of God and what and who He is had completely changed and I knew at that stage that I had to do something about it. So I began to run a then small school ministry, running lunch programs. We started with twelve kids, most of which had never been to church or picked up a bible before, we all just needed support and we could give each other that. By the end of my schooling at this particular school God blessed the group with another 56 regular members and about 17 people who come on occasion. I had to leave 16 people in charge of the three off shoot programs as well which included a prayer group, a school service group and depression support group. Amazing what God can do through people when they let Him. Most of these programs got up and running before I was even allowed to attend church and were happening when I was still borrowing a bible from the library each fortnight!

When Kerrie stopped running the Friday programs we began working our way through the discovery series and that was another huge blessing and by half way through this course I knew I wanted to be baptised and I wanted to follow God for the rest of my life, it took another year almost before I was allowed to go to church and in that time I was diagnosed with a second serious illness UVH, Urticarial Vasculitis Hypocompliment, which has been both a curse and a blessing. It is a constant reminder of how God is leading and I am nothing, infact less than nothing without Him.

I was Baptised on the 28th of August this year and it was the happiest day in my life to date. God really is taking care of me, I don't want to even think about where I would be without Him today.

Food For Life

But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.       2 Corinthians 3:18

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I was born into a non Adventist home, well that is an understatement really. My father was and still is a heavily practicing Satanist and as such, myself being a female, made me a target for ridicule and I was most certainly placed way below my brothers in the family......Tamara's Testimony

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