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1 Meeting Commemorates the Protestant Reformation ANN/Marcos Paseggi
2 Kellogg Fired Sabbath Employees Lose in Court ANN/Kimberly Luste Maran
3 Brazil Allows High School Exam on Sunday ANN/Vanessa Arba
4 International Religious Liberty Law Signed into Law in U.S. ANN/ Bettina Krause
5 Religious Liberty at the U.N. ANN/Bettina Krause
6 Church Leader Listens to Pope at Vatican ANN/Bettina Krause
7 Building Bridges With Muslims Emeraude Victorin/ ANN Staff
8 Kenyan Judge Refuses to Work on Sabbath ANN/Andrew McChesney
9 Nigeria Asked to Stop Holding Elections on Sabbath ANN/Andrew McChesney
10 Pray for Nepal ANN/Andrew McChesney
11 1,500 take refuge on Seventh-day Adventist compound in South Sudan ANN/ADRA International
12 Russia to Restrict Religious Freedom ANN/Andrew McChesney
13 Indian Court Rejects Bible Sabbath ANN/Andrew McChesney
14 Religious Liberty Summit Reveals Lack of Concern ANN/Bettina Krause
15 US Commission Report Reveals Assault on Religious Freedom ANN/Bettina Krause
16 Peace Summit in Côte d'Ivoire ANN/West-Central Africa Division/Bettina Krause
17 Innocent SDA Condemned, Lawyers Threatened in Pakistan ANN/ Bettina Krause/PARL
18 Mexican Governor Eruviel Ávila Pledges Support ANN/Bettina Krause
19 Boston Court Rules Against Catholic School Richard Myers
20 Seventh-day Adventist Injured by Muslim Jehadis ANN/Andrew McChesney

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